Energize Your Soul - Embrace the Serenity of Crystals

Journey towards tranquility with our wide variety of fair trade handcrafted crystals, inspired by Eastern wisdom.

  • Lotus Serenity Guarantee

    Our Lotus Serenity Guarantee ensures you get the crystal that is right for you - regardless of where you are along your spiritual journey.

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  • Giving To Those In Need

    Every order you place donates $1 to Lotus Outreach, a non-profit supporting women & children in need.

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  • Global Artisans, Local Impact

    All of our items are handmade by craftsmen & women in developing countries around the world. Your order supports their livelihood.

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Shanti Picks

What Others Are Saying

  • Jess P.

    I LOVE Shanti Crystals!! They are my go-to store for anything crystal-related. My necklace gets compliments all the time!

  • Rick F.

    I found this store from a Facebook ad and was skeptical at first, but the quality is really amazing and my wife loves her pendant. Thank you

  • Nora L.

    The shipping took a bit long but it was worth the wait! I wear my crystal pendant ring all the time and I love the energy it gives me 🥰